Responsibly Cultivated in Saguache, CO

Mammoth Farms 

Like Nature intended it

In the heart of San Luis Valley, you’ll find us out working the fruitful land of Mammoth Farms, one of the largest outdoor cannabis cultivations in North America.

We are a dedicated team of farmers and outdoor enthusiasts with a common goal – work hard, practice sustainability and grow high quality cannabis. We love what we do out here in rural scenic Colorado. The views are spectacular, the people are friendly, and the product is like none other, mountain grown.

Cannabis - From Start to Finish

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Why choose us

By harnessing the power of the sunshine from above and responsibly utilizing fresh cool waters from below, we proudly grow in an eco-friendly environment, reducing our carbon footprint to help protect our planet.

Regenerative Agriculture

We practice earth-first methods to help keep our soil rich and fertile, helping to better this beautiful world that we live in.

Best Prices

We use the top technology available and best practices to grow a premium product at a minimal cost.

What we do

Produce Amazing Cannabis

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