We're Dedicated to You

Located in the heart of San Luis Valley, Mammoth Farms proudly cultivates in what some say is the most ideal farming environment in the country. We live, work and grow with the rich soils, harnessing the natural power of the sunshine while utilizing the fresh waters from the ground below, our flower thriving on over 80 acres of wild beauty.
Mammoth Farms is Colorado’s choice and trusted source for quality sun grown cannabis. We work hard to provide for the dreamers, the lovers of nature, sun worshipers and night chasers.

Locally owned and operated by folks who care.


Our Approach

We are passionate about our cannabis cultivation. Our farm is built on hard work and dedication with the determination to craft the finest flower in North America. 

From sun-up to sun-down you’ll find us out in the fields, testing soil, tending to the gargantuan plants, ensuring they reach their full potential each and every season.

Our Goal

Under the warm sunny skies of Colorado, our licensed cannabis plants are grown, harvested and cured to perfection by farmers and professionals alike that care.

Supplying you with our most beautiful free-range flower and everything in-between since 2017.

This bud is for you.

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